Why $Ginger Gorilla Token ?

$GGT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The max supply is 23 Billion and one of its key functionalities is it’s anti-whale features that allows an investor to have 2% maximum

$GGT has a mission, the project aims to create a dedicated streaming service for sumo wrestling to increase the exposure of the sport, highlight the competitors, and provide financial support to the wrestlers to help offset the travel and lodging cost of competing in national and international tournaments.

$GGT is  an ERC-20 (smart contract enabled) token on the Ethereum blockchain, with a max supply of 23 Billi

$GGT is different from other tokens due to its anti-whale features, meaning investors have a 2% buy limit


Through the creation of a meme token, our project aims to provide a dedicated streaming service for sumo wrestling, increase exposure for wrestlers, and contribute to their financial support during domestic and international tournaments.


  • Token Name Ginger Gorilla Token
  • Total Supply 23,000,000,000
  • Network Ethereum
  • Token Symbol GGT
  • LP (Lock) 76.5 % (17,595,000,000 GGT)
  • CEX 7% (1,610,000,000)
  • Marketing and Partnerships 4% (920,000,000 GGT)
  • Charity (Sumo) 2% (460,000,000 GGT)
  • Operations and Dev 4% (690,000,000,000)
  • Seed Investors 4% (920,000,000) 3-6 Months vesting period
  • Private investor 2.5% (575,000,000 GGT)
  • Taxes 0%


2% Supply Max Buy Limit

To avoid whales pump and dump, we set a limit of 2% maximum supply purchase order


We will be running a program called “Sumo Donations” and GGT token will also serve as a donation token to help the needy

Burning and Buyback

There will be a burning and buyback mechanism

Real Use Cases

GGT token will be used as a payment to participate in events at the Sumo Wrestlers live show

World Usage

GGT token will be used to transact for other sumo matches throughout the world


Phase 1

Website launch
Social media marketing
Marketing Campaign
2500 holders
Monetizing Our YouTube Channel
2500 telegram members
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Trust wallet meta mask logo
5000 holders

Phase 2

Media Marketing
10k holders
Getting our first 1000 - 10,000 Youtube subscribers.<
10k telegram members

Phase 3

30k telegram members
30k holders
Continuous building of our youtube Subscribers to 100K Subscribers
Continuous Mass adaption Marketing
Initial Cex exchange listing

Phase 4

100k telegram members
100k holders
Transiting to our own streaming service.
More Cex exchange listings
Global Marketing Expansion

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